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09 Jul '17

How to RENEW Your Michigan Concealed Pistol License CPL

Posted by Doreen Hankins
MICHIGAN Concealed Pistol License Renewal Information

An application to renew a CPL may be submitted not more than six months before, nor one year after, the expiration of the current CPL.

A CPL is valid until the applicant's date of birth that falls not less than four years or more than five years after the license is issued or renewed.

CPL holders will be notified that their license is approaching expiration by their county clerk between three to six months prior to the expiration of their current license. A CPL may be renewed at the appropriate county clerk’s office with a $115 payment to the county clerk.

Upon payment of renewal fees to your county clerk, the applicant will be issued a receipt. If an individual applies for a renewal license prior to the expiration of his or her license, the expiration date of the current license is extended until the renewal license or notice of statutory disqualification is issued.

A person carrying a concealed pistol after the expiration of his or her license pursuant to such an extension shall keep the receipt issued by the county clerk and his or her expired license in his or her possession at all times he or she is carrying the pistol.

The receipt, when carried with the expired license, shall serve as a valid CPL until the new license or notice of statutory disqualification is received. If an individual applies for a renewal license after the expiration of his or her license, the individual is not permitted to carry a pistol concealed until such time as the renewal license is issued.

Possession of this receipt and expired CPL does not exempt the holder from the requirement to obtain a license to purchase a pistol or exempt a firearms dealer from running a background check prior to the sale of a pistol.

An application is considered a renewal if the applicant has previously received a CPL in compliance with the training requirements set forth in Michigan law effective July 1, 2001, and the previous license has not been expired more than one year.

An applicant applying for a renewal is not required to have fingerprints taken again if the applicant's fingerprints have been submitted to and are maintained by the MSP. Fingerprints have been maintained by the MSP since January 1, 2006.

The applicant shall sign the statement on the application certifying that he or she has completed at least three hours of review of the required training and has had at least one hour of firing range time in the six months immediately preceding the renewal application.

Exception: The training requirements are waived for an individual who is a retired police officer or retired law enforcement officer.

An individual licensed to carry a concealed pistol may carry a concealed pistol under the authority of his or her CPL until the CPL expires or the individual's authority to carry a concealed pistol is otherwise suspended or revoked, whichever comes first.

Detroit Arms offers RENEWAL CLASS for $50 per person, which is a 3 hour training seminar which covers the review of the required training, if you should choose to take a class rather than self study.  Taking an actual class is not mandatory, but is always recommended.  Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense.  GET TRAINING!

We provide our Renewal students a packet containing renewal instructions and a copy of the application you need to fill out and turn into the clerks office.

You can register for any of our upcoming classes by clicking here, or call us at 586-598-5300.  



09 Jul '17

Weapon Retention Classes Now Available!

Posted by Doreen Hankins in advanced pistol training, CCW, CPL Class, training

$ 75.00 Per Person

If you carry concealed with the intent of using a gun to defend yourself, the last thing you want to happen is for it to be taken away and used against you.

As a concealed carry weapon owner, you must know how to retain control of your gun at all times.

Learn to protect and keep your weapon safe and in your possession, while in its’ normal carry position, during an assault or physical confrontation, or after you have drawn it during an encounter.

Topics Covered:
- Mental Preparation & Awareness
- Universal Protection (Initial response to aggression)
- Holstered Weapon Retention
- Un-Holstered Weapon Retention
- Disengagement and Follow-up Considerations
- Alternative Force Options (OC Pepper Spray)
- Deadly Force Decision Making

- Your current concealed carry side arm, belt & holster (Gun must be unloaded & NO Ammo)

Dress in comfortable street clothes and shoes for each of the classes. Please dress in the type of attire that you would normally wear while carrying your weapon.

While many firearm courses assume that presenting or firing a gun will instantly stop a threat, experience shows that there is a good chance you will end up grappling with your attacker. In fact, criminals often attack without warning, delivering a sudden sucker punch or taking you to the ground before you can deploy your weapon.

You do NOT need martial arts training for this course. The techniques are simple and effective, regardless of the size or strength of the attacker.

You must pre-register and pre-pay in order to attend.  

Register at www.DetroitArms.com

14 Jun '17

Constitutional Carry in Michigan

A valid Michigan Concealed Carry Permit, also known as a CPL, IS STILL REQUIRED to carry a firearm concealed in the State of Michigan!  No firearms laws have changed.

Please allow us to repeat - CURRENTLY in order to carry a concealed handgun in Michigan you still require a a valid Michigan CPL license.

As of this writing - no new legislation has been signed into law - the set of bills the media has reported on are awaiting Senate consideration as of Wednesday, June 14, 2017.

The content of the bills that have been passed to the Michigan Senate can be found in the links below:





If, and when, these bills are read and passed through the Senate they must then be approved by the Governor in order for them to be signed into law.

There is potentially a long road ahead as the government is typically not in session during the summer months - currently they have a "tentative" meeting dates of July 12th and August 16th, but they also have a long list of other bills that they have been actively working on that take precedence over this new legislation.

Until the new legislation goes through all the hoops - our current gun laws remain unchanged.  At this point, a summary of what you just read is this:

The bills proposing constitutional concealed carry have only passed the Michigan House. They still need to be approved by the Michigan Senate and then signed into law by the Governor.  No one can accurately predict WHEN or even IF that will happen. Carrying concealed without a license is still a felony in Michigan! 

If you are 18 years of age, or older, and have a firearm that is legally registered to you - you may still OPEN carry that firearm, but concealed carry privileges have not yet been granted without obtaining a Michigan CPL.

Don't wait to protect yourself and your loved ones. Detroit Arms offers the Michigan 8-Hour Concealed Carry CCW/CPL Class every week.  You do not need to own a handgun in order to take the class, we provide rental guns at no charge - the ammo is $13.  We only request that you have some prior gun knowledge in order to take the class as safety is paramount.

THIS IS THE FIRST STEP TOWARD GETTING YOUR LICENSE. You must take and pass this class in order to even apply for your CPL license at your local county clerks office.

Take and pass your class and you can get your license in as little as one week! Don't delay...contact Detroit Arms today!  Visit our website at www.DetroitArms.com or call us at 586-598-5300 to register for a class.

19 Mar '17

Constitutional Carry vs. National Reciprocity - Do you know the difference?

Constitutional Carry vs. National Reciprocity

We have had a number of people on the Detroit Arms Facebook page stating that our new President, Donald Trump, is going to immediately sign into law new legislation authorizing concealed carry in all 50 states without a permit, making the need for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License obsolete.

While dreams are nice to have, let’s just reel things back a bit and understand the difference between Constitutional Carry and National Reciprocity and what President Trump spoke about on the campaign trail.

Constitutional Carry already exists in 12 states in our nation. This means that, if you are a resident of their state, and you meet the requirements outlined for ownership of a firearm, that you may carry one without having to obtain a special permit. It does not apply to non-residents; there are often restrictions on areas where concealed carry is still prohibited. As a non-resident visiting a Constitutional Carry state, you would still need to possess a Concealed Carry Permit from a state where they have reciprocity in order to carry concealed in their state.  Other carry restrictions may also apply, depending on the state.

President Donald Trump discussed NATIONAL RECIPROCITY on the campaign trail. There’s a distinct difference between National Reciprocity and Constitutional Carry.

His exact words were: “I have a concealed-carry permit that allows me to carry a concealed weapon. I took the time and the effort to get that permit because the constitutional right to defend yourself doesn't stop at the end of your driveway. That doesn't apply just to me either. It applies to all our driveways or front doors.

That's why I'm very much in favor of making all concealed-carry permits valid in every state. Every state has its own driving test that residents have to pass before becoming licensed to drive. Those tests are different in many states, but once a state licenses you to drive, every other state recognizes that license as valid.

If we can do that for driving--which is a privilege, not a right--then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege. That seems logical to me.” 

Currently, states pick and choose whether or not to offer reciprocity – or honor – concealed pistol licenses issued by other states. The reason for this is that each state has different criteria for what constitutes someone as eligible for a carry license in their state.

Some states require little or no training, which is of concern to states that set strict guidelines for their residents for the training required in order to carry in their state. Currently there is no state issued concealed carry permit that covers all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

National reciprocity will act to streamline the licensing process with the goal of treating Concealed Pistol Licenses much like Drivers Licenses.

Anyone with a concealed weapons license in their home state will also able to legally carry in any other that allows any kind of concealed carry — which is all 50 of them.

So, there you have it folks – the realization that a magic bullet is not forthcoming, and that perhaps going through the process of obtaining your Michigan Concealed Pistol License is still something you should do.

Besides, training is always a good thing – knowing what to do and how to do it is important in any situation. There are laws that must be followed in any use of a firearm, in addition to concealed carry rules, and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Now, where are my students? Register for your class today at www.DetroitArms.com - use coupon code: GUNS when you do and you’ll get a special “thank you” for having taken the time to read this article! PEACE!!

14 Jan '17

How to get a Michigan Concealed Pistol Carry License CCW / CPL

Posted by Doreen Hankins
Your first step in obtaining a Michigan Concealed Carry CCW/CPL License is to take and pass an accredited class!!


Michigan is a "shall issue" state. That means that they will issue you a Michigan Concealed Pistol license as long as you meet the criteria outlined by the State of Michigan and the Michigan State Police.

Click here to read the Michigan State Police Concealed Pistol License Requirements.

The State of Michigan has also outlined the specific training necessary to obtain your license. The Detroit Arms 1-Day 8-Hour Michigan Concealed Carry Class meets all state requirements for that training.

Registering for our class is easy! Visit this link, or you can call us at 586-598-5300 to reserve your seat for class. Our classes often sell out, so the sooner you call us to reserve a seat the better!!

You do not need to own a firearm in order to take our class. We have several firearms available for you to use in order to complete the shooting portion of our class. There is NO CHARGE for you to utilize our guns. You are responsible for purchasing the ammunition - which you are required to purchase at the range the day of the class. The ammunition cost will be $15 or less.

Once you have taken, and passed, a Michigan Concealed Carry training class you must turn your paperwork in at your local county clerk office. You will be given a copy of the application, as well as instructions the day of our class.

You will take your ORIGINAL class completion certificate, a completed application - do not sign until you are in front of the clerk - and $115 to the COUNTY CLERKS Office for the county you live in.

The clerks office will give you a receipt and direct you where you need to go to get the appropriate fingerprinting done. YOU HAVE 5 DAYS to get the fingerprints in the system - if you fail to get your fingerprints taken for a CPL Application, you will forfeit your $115 application fee, your application and the ability to apply again this calendar year.

After your prints have been placed in the system, the Michigan State Police take over processing your application. By law, they have 45 days to approve or deny you a license. Typically, this process takes 2-3 weeks. IF AFTER 45 days you have not received a denial letter or a license, you may use your receipt from the clerks office to act as a temporary license.

Your concealed carry license will be good for up to five years, depending on where your birthday falls in the process.

THERE HAS BEEN A LOT OF TALK ABOUT "CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY" coming of age here in the state of Michigan. It seems like every year a politician in the state files paperwork to bring Constitutional Carry to the residents of Michigan.  For the record, paperwork for this was filed February 2016 and it failed.  It was again filed January 2017 - whether it will make any significant progress this pass is yet to be seen.

Please understand, even if Michigan were to adopt Constitutional Carry (meaning no need for a concealed pistol license if you are a legal gun owner 21 or older), you would STILL be required to have a valid Michigan CPL license in order to carry in states that have reciprocity for concealed carry.

You may also be prohibited from carrying a loaded firearm in your vehicle without a valid Michigan CPL (much like Open Carry laws, you would be required to load and unload your firearm from outside your vehicle in order to carry it on you.)

Additionally, you would also be prohibited from carrying your concealed pistol into any establishment that has a Michigan Liquor license. It's not as obvious as you might think to distinguish those places - CVS, Walgreens, Target, Meijer and more ALL HAVE A LIQUOR LICENSE - because they sell alcohol. You can only concealed carry in those areas if you have a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol license.

Have questions? Please feel free to call us anytime at 586-598-5300 and we will be happy to help!