Non-Resident Michigan Concealed Carry

Non-Resident Michigan Concealed Carry

If you are a Michigan resident, with a Michigan drivers license, you must possess a Michigan CPL in order to carry concealed in the great state of Michigan.

MCL 750.231a makes it legal for a non-resident of Michigan, with a valid CPL issued by his or her state of residence, to carry a concealed pistol in Michigan as long as the pistol is carried in conformance with any and all restrictions and laws in Michigan. Michigan will honor reciprocity of said out of state license if the person is in Michigan less than 180 days and does not intend to establish residency here.

THE DAY you establish residency - get a Michigan Driver's License - your CPL issued in a state that is not Michigan is no longer valid.

In order for you to carry concealed in Michigan, you must take and pass a certified Michigan CPL Class and apply for a Michigan CPL License at your local county clerks office.  Military service does not waive the requirement for taking and passing a complete 8-Hour Michigan Concealed Carry CCW/CPL Course.

Michigan has a 6 month residency requirement for new CPL applicants - however - if you have a valid CPL license from another state that requirement is waived. Please understand that it may take up to 45 days to receive a CPL license in Michigan. You may not carry concealed during that time.

IF YOU TOOK AN ONLINE COURSE for obtaining a CPL license - namely the widely advertised Virginia CPL License - BE WARNED that as a Michigan resident, the CPL license issued to you by the state of Virginia will not be honored for carrying concealed in Michigan.

Please understand that the company providing this course will issue you a license - it will look very real - it will have your name and Michigan address listed on it. IT IS NOT VALID FOR CARRYING CONCEALED IN MICHIGAN. It may fly in other states that have reciprocity with Virginia, but it is not legal in Michigan for Michigan residents to legally carry concealed.

If you are a Michigan resident - you must have a Michigan CPL License issued to you by the state of Michigan in order to carry concealed.

Don't believe us? Call the Michigan State Police CPL division at 517-284-3700.

Looking to take a class?  Visit us at or call us at 586-598-5300.

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