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16 Jun '15

How Long Does It Take To Get My CCW / CPL License in Michigan?

Posted by Doreen Hankins in CCW, CPL Class, training

How long does it take to get my Michigan Concealed Carry License? (CCW / CPL License) 

If you've ever wondered "How long does it take for me at actually GET my concealed carry license" the answer is simple - typically 4 weeks less.  

Technically, the Michigan State Police have 45 days to approve or deny you for your license once you apply and get your fingerprints in the system.  History has shown us that it typically takes 1-2 weeks to receive your license in the mail.

Taking an accredited Michigan Concealed Carry Class at Detroit Arms, 31733 23 Mile, Chesterfield, MI  48047 - this is your first step in getting your license.  

The state will NOT accept an application for a permit unless you have taken and passed an accredited class.

Get your state approved Michigan Concealed Carry CCW/CPL Class at Detroit Arms​ - we have weekend and evening classes. Don't delay.

When you take the Detroit Arms class you will receive the application you must submit, as well as instruction on completion of all tasks leading up to obtaining your license. 

This is a BUYER BEWARE industry - there are plenty of "hacks" out there teaching classes - and you don't know what you don't know - make sure you get a thorough education!  

We are not weekend warriors - we have built an 11 year career of making sure our students get the best class around.  

Our instructors hold MULTIPLE accreditations - NRA, MCRGO, USCCA, FLP - the list goes on and on.  

Our instructors train regularly with world renowned training organizations - the Massad Ayoob group being one of them.  Do not settle for less!

You can register for a Detroit Arms Michigan Concealed Carry CCW/CPL Class by visiting our website at www.DetroitArms.com or by calling us at 586-598-5300 to schedule your seat!  We hope to see you there!