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The Detroit Area's FIRST Choice for Michigan Concealed Carry Training (CCW/CPL)

$25 Mini Class - The Legal Use of Force in Michigan

$25 Mini Class - The Legal Use of Force in Michigan


Let's talk about the Legal Use of Force in Michigan!  

What constitutes lethal force?  Can you defend property? Your Garage?  Other Individuals?  Your pets?  What if the intruder is outside your home - inside your home?

Do you really understand the legal and financial consequences of a self defense encounter?Are you truly prepared for the outcome?

Do you know how to protect yourself and your family LEGALLY & FINANCIALLY?

If you have a firearm in your possession – whether strictly in your home for defense of your family or on your person for self-defense purposes, you should know Michigan law regarding the use of lethal force.

Topics include:

  • Reviewing the Legal Definitions of Reasonable Force and Deadly Force
  • Understanding the Use of Force Continuum
  • A detailed Walkthrough of the Four Pillars for Justifying the Use of Deadly Force
  • How Defense in the Home Differs from Outside the Home
  • Defending Property

Are you financially prepared to post bond?  Hire an attorney to defend you?  Pay for expert witness testimony or private investigator fees? 

What if you are charged criminally for your actions?  Are you going to be subject to civil charges and damages - how do you defend and pay for those?

This class is geared toward concerned citizens who want to understand the law and prepare for the legal consequences of a self defense encounter.  

Learn how to avoid common mistakes that can cost you money, and perhaps your freedom, if you should become involved in a self-defense situation.