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The Detroit Area's FIRST Choice for Michigan Concealed Carry Training (CCW/CPL)

$50.00 Advanced Handgun Training with Matt

$50.00 Advanced Handgun Training with Matt


What good is having a CCW/CPL permit and carrying a gun if you aren't truly prepared to draw and fire both accurately and in a timely fashion?

The objective of our Advanced Pistol Training course is to teach you the skills you need in order to effectively engage a target at center of mass, from a concealed holster, at varying distances in under 2 seconds!

In this class you will learn to:

-       Draw from a holster – both open carry and concealed carry
-       Engage targets at varying distances in under 2 seconds
-       Reloading techniques
-       Weapon Retention Techniques & More!

COURSE FEE: $ 50.00 Per Person

That fee is all-inclusive - it includes our one-day 2-hour class and all materials necessary to attend the class – it includes the use of a gun, holster, magazine pouch, eye protection, ammo, etc.   BRING YOUR OWN UNLOADED FIREARM AND HOSTER FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE!

For those who do not yet own a handgun, we will utilize working, non-lethal trainer pistols for this course, so it’s safe for adult shooters of every experience level!  Your only requirement for the class is to wear a sturdy belt.

We host our class at the:

Detroit Arms Store - 31733 23 Mile Road, Chesterfield, MI  48047

Contact us at 586-598-5300 if you should have any questions

**You must pre-register and pre-pay in order to attend!**