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The Detroit Area's FIRST Choice for Michigan Concealed Carry Training (CCW/CPL)

12 Jan '18

Online Concealed Carry CCW / CPL Classes for Michigan Residents

Getting your Concealed Pistol CCW/CPL License by taking an online course seems like a convenient way to accomplish the state of Michigan's requirements for obtaining your license.


At Detroit Arms we receive calls on a regular basis from people who have seen an advertisement online and read intriguing statements such as:

"At XYZ Concealed Online we believe every eligible law abiding citizen of the United States should exercise their right to carry. At the core of responsible firearm ownership is commitment to safety. This is why we are proud to offer the 1st step in securing your permit, of educational safety training.

The State of Virginia allows for the issuance of concealed carry permits for both resident and non-resident applicants. This unique state endorsed program requires online (or optional in person) safety training. 

Because of reciprocity laws between states the Virginia concealed carry permit is currently recognized in 28 states. This mean that even if you are not a Virginia resident, if you fulfill the requirements to own and carry (concealed) a firearm according to Virginia state law, you can legally carry (concealed) your firearm in any of the other 28 states recognizing the Virginia permit."

While this sounds intriguing and a great way to get your concealed carry license, IT IS NOT VALID IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN!  

The "training" you receive via these online classes does not qualify under the State of Michigan requirements for training to apply for and receive a Michigan Concealed Carry license.

In order for a Michigan Resident to concealed carry in the state of Michigan, you must have a State of Michigan issued Michigan Concealed Carry License.  The only way for a Michigan resident to receive said license is to take an accredited class, pass and apply for the license.

The best part about these "online classes" is the fact that they lure you in with an easy way to get your license, they have you take their "12 Question Multiple Choice Certification Quiz" and then they collect your money.

Then you receive access to this information:

Michigan is red - meaning, not honored.  You will likely only get this information AFTER you've completed their "course" and paid them.  

It's not their fault you didn't do YOUR homework.  They keep your money - you get nothing but an education in what not to do when trying to obtain a Michigan Concealed Pistol License in the state of Michigan.  

Your training is not valid in Michigan, your training will not be honored in Michigan.  Sorry.

Take your class from an accredited trainer like Detroit Arms and you won't have to worry about wasted energy, time and money.  


Register online at www.DetroitArms.com or call us at 586-598-5300



02 Jan '18

How to RENEW A Michigan CCW / CPL Permit

Posted by Doreen Hankins in CCW, CPL License, Michigan CPL

Michigan Concealed Carry Permit CCW / CPL Permit

An application to renew a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) may be submitted to your local county clerks office not more than six months before, nor one year after, the expiration of the current CPL.  

Michigan CCW / CPL Permits that have been expired for 12 months or longer require attendance of the standard 8 Hour Michigan Concealed Carry Permit Class in order re-apply.

CPL holders will be notified that their license is approaching expiration by their county clerk between three to six months prior to the expiration of their current license. A CPL may be renewed at the appropriate county clerk’s office with a $115 payment to the county clerk.

Upon payment of renewal fees to your county clerk, the applicant will be issued a receipt. If an individual applies for a renewal license prior to the expiration of his or her license, the expiration date of the current license is extended until the renewal license or notice of statutory disqualification is issued.

A person carrying a concealed pistol after the expiration of his or her license pursuant to such an extension shall keep the receipt issued by the county clerk and his or her expired license in his or her possession at all times he or she is carrying the pistol.

The receipt, when carried with the expired license, shall serve as a valid CPL until the new license or notice of statutory disqualification is received. If an individual applies for a renewal license after the expiration of his or her license, the individual is not permitted to carry a pistol concealed until such time as the renewal license is issued.

Possession of this receipt and expired CPL does not exempt the holder from the requirement to obtain a license to purchase a pistol or exempt a firearms dealer from running a background check prior to the sale of a pistol.

An application is considered a renewal if the applicant has previously received a CPL in compliance with the training requirements set forth in Michigan law effective July 1, 2001, and the previous license has not been expired more than one year.

An applicant applying for a renewal is not required to have fingerprints taken again if the applicant's fingerprints have been submitted to and are maintained by the MSP. Fingerprints have been maintained by the MSP since January 1, 2006.

The applicant shall sign the statement on the application certifying that he or she has completed at least three hours of review of the required training and has had at least one hour of firing range time in the six months immediately preceding the renewal application.

Michigan Concealed Pistol License Renewal Classes

Detroit Arms offers RENEWAL CLASS for $50 per person, which is a 3 hour training seminar which covers the review of the required training, if you should choose to take a class rather than self study.  

Taking an actual class is not mandatory, but is always recommended.  Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense.  GET TRAINING!

We provide our Renewal students a packet containing renewal instructions and a copy of the application you need to fill out and turn into the clerks office.

We host these classes every week, they are the first three hours of our regular classes.  

WEEKEND Renewal class runs from 10:00 am until approx. 1:00 pm.
Evening classes are at 6:00 pm the first evening of the two night class and run until approx. 9:00 pm.


Exception: The training requirements are waived for an individual who is a retired police officer or retired law enforcement officer.

An individual licensed to carry a concealed pistol may carry a concealed pistol under the authority of his or her CPL until the CPL expires or the individual's authority to carry a concealed pistol is otherwise suspended or revoked, whichever comes first. 

You can register for any of our upcoming classes by clicking here, or call us at 586-598-5300.  

14 Jun '17

Constitutional Carry in Michigan

A valid Michigan Concealed Carry Permit, also known as a CPL, IS STILL REQUIRED to carry a firearm concealed in the State of Michigan!  No firearms laws have changed.

Please allow us to repeat - CURRENTLY in order to carry a concealed handgun in Michigan you still require a a valid Michigan CPL license.

As of this writing - no new legislation has been signed into law - the set of bills the media has reported on are awaiting Senate consideration as of Wednesday, June 14, 2017.

The content of the bills that have been passed to the Michigan Senate can be found in the links below:





If, and when, these bills are read and passed through the Senate they must then be approved by the Governor in order for them to be signed into law.

There is potentially a long road ahead as the government is typically not in session during the summer months - currently they have a "tentative" meeting dates of July 12th and August 16th, but they also have a long list of other bills that they have been actively working on that take precedence over this new legislation.

Until the new legislation goes through all the hoops - our current gun laws remain unchanged.  At this point, a summary of what you just read is this:

The bills proposing constitutional concealed carry have only passed the Michigan House. They still need to be approved by the Michigan Senate and then signed into law by the Governor.  No one can accurately predict WHEN or even IF that will happen. Carrying concealed without a license is still a felony in Michigan! 

If you are 18 years of age, or older, and have a firearm that is legally registered to you - you may still OPEN carry that firearm, but concealed carry privileges have not yet been granted without obtaining a Michigan CPL.

Don't wait to protect yourself and your loved ones. Detroit Arms offers the Michigan 8-Hour Concealed Carry CCW/CPL Class every week.  You do not need to own a handgun in order to take the class, we provide rental guns at no charge - the ammo is $13.  We only request that you have some prior gun knowledge in order to take the class as safety is paramount.

THIS IS THE FIRST STEP TOWARD GETTING YOUR LICENSE. You must take and pass this class in order to even apply for your CPL license at your local county clerks office.

Take and pass your class and you can get your license in as little as one week! Don't delay...contact Detroit Arms today!  Visit our website at www.DetroitArms.com or call us at 586-598-5300 to register for a class.