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The Detroit Area's FIRST Choice for Michigan Concealed Carry Training (CCW/CPL)

07 Jun '13

Buyer Beware - Not All CCW/CPL Classes are Equal!

Posted by Doreen Hankins in CCW, CPL Class, training

More and more lately we hear of people who have taken a Michigan Concealed Carry class from another instructor because their guy was able to get them through the class in about 4 hours, rather than the 8 hour class we advertise and teach.

Let us tell you something - if you have taken a Michigan CCW/CPL Class and that class was less then the STATE MANDATED 8 hour course, you've broken the law.  So has the instructor, in fact the instructor has committed a felony by signing their name to a certificate with your name on it.

We've heard tales of two instructors in particular, one in St. Clair County and another in Macomb just in the past two months.

One story was told to us DURING one of our classes by a student to exclaimed to his wife that the couple that "took the class with that other instructor is done already!"  This was about half way through our day.  

The next surprise was dealt to me by a regular customer who kept telling me that his wife and daughter were going to take my class.  He came to the shop about two weeks ago and announced that his daughter found a guy who did the same class in 4 hours.  Nice.

In the meantime, Detroit Arms will hold our head high - continue to teach the state mandated 8 hour course, and will know that our students have received the best possible education in the state of Michigan.


Thank you to all of you who have trusted Detroit Arms to be your trainer of choice.  For those of you looking for a trainer, buyer beware.