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The Detroit Area's FIRST Choice for Michigan Concealed Carry Training (CCW/CPL)

09 Jul '17

Weapon Retention Classes Now Available!

Posted by Doreen Hankins in advanced pistol training, CCW, CPL Class, training

$ 75.00 Per Person

If you carry concealed with the intent of using a gun to defend yourself, the last thing you want to happen is for it to be taken away and used against you.

As a concealed carry weapon owner, you must know how to retain control of your gun at all times.

Learn to protect and keep your weapon safe and in your possession, while in its’ normal carry position, during an assault or physical confrontation, or after you have drawn it during an encounter.

Topics Covered:
- Mental Preparation & Awareness
- Universal Protection (Initial response to aggression)
- Holstered Weapon Retention
- Un-Holstered Weapon Retention
- Disengagement and Follow-up Considerations
- Alternative Force Options (OC Pepper Spray)
- Deadly Force Decision Making

- Your current concealed carry side arm, belt & holster (Gun must be unloaded & NO Ammo)

Dress in comfortable street clothes and shoes for each of the classes. Please dress in the type of attire that you would normally wear while carrying your weapon.

While many firearm courses assume that presenting or firing a gun will instantly stop a threat, experience shows that there is a good chance you will end up grappling with your attacker. In fact, criminals often attack without warning, delivering a sudden sucker punch or taking you to the ground before you can deploy your weapon.

You do NOT need martial arts training for this course. The techniques are simple and effective, regardless of the size or strength of the attacker.

You must pre-register and pre-pay in order to attend.  

Register at www.DetroitArms.com